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Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

I think it goes without saying that the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters are one of the big drugstore break-out products this summer. They have accumulated many fans during the summer and continue to be loved by makeup lovers everywhere. The balmy consistency makes them easy to apply and leaves a soft finish on the lips. There are around twenty different colors and flavors available for purchase at $6.49 (USD) per tube. I bought mine at Target (as you can tell, I'm there a lot since that is where I do my grocery shopping every week) and selected two different colors: 090-Sweet Tart and 065-Creamsicle.

First let me start by saying, the packaging on these products is very nice for a drugstore brand. As with other pieces of the Revlon ColorBurst line (for example, the Lip Gloss), the quilted effect that they put on in the plastic makes it similar to higher end lines, almost Chanel-like. This more expensive feel definitely helps to sell the product and the lip butters themselves back it up.

The Creamsicle color (above) is a peachy pale tone that nudes the lips a bit and results in a muted look. The formula is a little clumpy and it required some smoothing out even after I exfoliated my lips. Overall, the color was nice but the name left me longing for more of a sweet creamsicle-like smell. That would probably be the only complaint I have with this product and it is very minor. I would have absolutely loved these lip butters if they had more of a scent to back up the dessert-themed names.

The Sweet Tart color is definitely more pigmented than the Creamsicle flavor and is a very pretty hot pink. On the lips it is amazing and was definitely one of the best lip colors I have used. It is very much the summery, girly pink that every girl needs in their makeup collection. I found that this color applied more smoothly and evenly when compared to the Creamsicle color. When I use the Sweet Tart shade in combination with a lip gloss it has an amazing effect and is an all-day fun look that steals the show.

some quick swatches, sorry for the poor quality: Top 090-Sweet Tart, Bottom 065-Creamsicle 
After trying them out, I would definitely recommend these products. The quality is top notch for a drugstore lip stick and it is well worth the price. The lip butter formula feels great on the lips and seems to last well during the day. I did find myself reapplying it a few times but I have yet to find a lip product that lasts beyond my daily chattering at work! If you've tried the Revlon ColorBurt Lip Butters, let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Also, if there is anything that you would suggest I try out, please send recommendations my way as I love excuses to buy new products! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. 

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