Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moment of Joy

A random moment of joy today that I thought I'd share with you guys 

I do a LOT of online shopping. Probably more than I should considering that I also do a lot of regular shopping as well. If there were a third way to shop I'd probably participate in that too. Often, the items that I order online come from the UK or various places abroad. Don't worry, I keep my national and local retailers plenty busy as well, but I like to throw other countries a bone once in a while (quite often actually). Anyway, today as I was tracking a specific package that is due to arrive in the coming week, I thought about the long journey that it was taking and all the lovely places it will have visited once it arrives at my door.

This random thought actually made me quite happy and rather envious of the package. As it made its way through the Netherlands and Germany, I wondered if I would ever even get to see these same places that my order had so easily passed. Though I've had the opportunity to spend time in the UK and France, it never occurred to me that so many pieces of fabric are much better travelled than I am. Then I realized that I was having feelings of jealousy toward a sweater and went back to work.

Oh, and if you're curious, the sweater I'm getting is that little Zoe Karssen number that Blair Eadie over at rocked a while back. I hope it's as beautiful and comfortable as she made it look!

The image below is from the website I placed my order on (ZoeKarssen):

Are you an online shopaholic that enjoys an international order now and again? 
Let me know below and have a lovely evening!

:: katie golightly x


  1. Hi there! I cam across your blog on nikki's blog and just felt I had to stop by, b/c we share the same last name ;)
    Anyways, I live in Germany and I do a lot of online shopping as well, but mostly from Europe, b/c customs in Germany usually give you quite a hard time with orders from outside the EU and that takes most of the fun out of it.
    I like your blog, I've actually been thinking of starting one as well...
    I wish you good luck, hope you get many followers :)

    Bunny Golightly

    1. haha isn't that funny! sorry to hear that customs keeps your online shopping limited to a certain extent. thanks for visiting my blog and you should definitely start your own! if you do, stop back and let me know the URL so that i may have a look at it and of course give you a follow!

      katie x


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